The Oregon Humane Society was lucky enough to have Scott Rubens on staff for six years. During that time he produced a huge amount of graphic work, all meticulously designed. Scott is great about meeting deadlines and is amazingly organized when dealing with vendors and providing print ready files. His design work is extraordinary. I cannot recommend Scott enough, he’s terrific.

~Barbara Baugnon, Oregon Humane Society

Scott is genuinely creative. His work is always on-brand and from the heart, with a style that not only charms but inspires trust. Scott's design acumen and artistic talents are indispensable when designing digital, branded experiences.

~Carmella Vargas-Peeler, US Bank

Scott is a designer who is passionate about his craft. He takes the time to understand the needs and goals of his clients and is able to compose that into his work with great execution and timely deliverables. 

~Jeffrey Perona Boyce, YouTube

It is always exciting to tell Scott my ideas and watch him create projects that are above and beyond my expectations. His work consistently brings the desired results from our clients. It's great to have him available as a freelance designer to help us create the image we want to project to the public. 

~Allie Smith, GridPolicy

Scott's creativity and talent are second to none. One thing that sets Scott apart from others in his field is his patience. (Saints ain't got nothing on Scott.)

~Jane Morrison, Oregon Humane Society

Working with Scott could not have been a better experience! He was great at really hearing what I wanted, as well as incredibly efficient in his work and professionalism. On top of it all he was much more affordable than any other designer I sought out. The quality was top notch with an unbeatable price tag.

~Angela Fields, Holistic Health Practitioner

Scott Rubens is the only designer I continually trust to work with. His ability to understand less-than-specific design requests and ultimately come up with far superior conceptual work is incredible. He puts in the time and effort to help his clients find exactly what they need. Without ego or pretension, he always listens, rather than dictates. In a crowded industry, Scott is a diamond in the rough. 

Jesse Card, Critical Hit PDX
More praise on the way!
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